Tanks – Multiplayer Game

TanksTanks is a small but very interesting multiplayer game where up to 5 players can play at the same time. According to the game scene which you choose at the beginning of the game. You also can choose the Terrain type: Mountains, Forest or Desert. You can also choose the game mode, for example : 2 Humans Vs Computer and others. The players makeĀ  shots one after another. Your mission is to make a right shot in order to destroy enemy. Keep in mind that this is a physics-based game where everything depends on your skills : ability to set the right angle of the shot as well as power. Another interesting thing that you will discover in this game is the variety of weapons to choose from. Hope you will try them all.

The controls for this game are :

Left/Right Arrow to Move your tank.
Up/Down Arrow For Cannon Rotation.
PageUP/PageDown for Fire Power.
[Q] & [W] to Change Weapon.
Space - Fire